Workshop: Introduction to Icarian Games

In this introductory course, Heidi and Jody will present key educational elements and movements to build a strong and secure foundation in the dynamic and thrilling practice of Icarian games. Specific preparations for the roles of the base, flyer, and spotter will gradually lead you to perform transitions between postures with more confidence and consistency.

Duration: 1.5 hours per week for 5 weeks (7.5 hours)
When: 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM, Tuesday evenings from February 6th to March 5th (5 classes)
Cost: $160+tx for the 5-class session (Jam from 9:30 PM to 11:00 PM included) – No drop-ins allowed
**$20 discount for those who participated in the hand-to-hand session (Please contact us to receive the discount)**

For whom?

This course is aimed at participants with a basic experience in acroyoga or those with experience in related body techniques who want to explore this discipline in a progressive and guided context.

For the base (porteur):

The use of a back cushion (Wedge) is recommended but not mandatory. You can also use a rolled yoga mat or other alternatives. The purpose of the back cushion is to prevent certain injuries, reduce stress on the lower back, increase leg strength, and provide more space for the flyer’s legs.

  • You are proficient in basic acroyoga positions: bird, throne, back plank, star. OR
  • If you have no experience in acroyoga, you master the following movements:
    • 10 consecutive deep squats (base)
    • 10 consecutive push-ups, can be on knees (all)
    • Balance in the “crow” pose (flyer)
    • Hollow body position on the back (flyer)
    • Handstand against the wall for 20 seconds (all)
  • You recognize the importance of spotting and commit to learning the spotter’s role as an integral part of the practice, ensuring safety for everyone.
  • You are in good health and without any physical impediment that could jeopardize your safety or that of your peers.
  • We strongly recommend that you bring a “wedge” to support the base’s lower back. If you don’t have one, bring a blanket that can be folded to support the lower back.


Who are the coaches:

Jonathan:Having started his journey in acrobatics at the age of 32, Jonathan quickly became a passionate individual always seeking learning and improvement. His greatest joy is to conduct training sessions all around the world and then share that experience within the community. When he’s not lifting someone, he greatly enjoys lifting himself through climbing or balancing on his hands.

Heidi:Born in California and based in Montreal, Heidi Blais has an unquenchable curiosity for balance. From walking kilometers-long highlines, to staying upside down for extended periods of time, Heidi is in her element when playing with gravity. Leaving an architecture career in 2012, Heidi went on to pioneer the world of similar-sized partner acrobatics, hands-free acroyoga and role-changing flows, teaching in over 25 countries and 5 languages in the past 10 years. A self-taught hand-balancer, Heidi trained with Claude Victoria and Marie-Ève Dicaire. She performs partner acrobatics and hand-to-hand with Cirque Branché/ Acting for Climate, and is a senior teacher at the AcroYoga Montreal Teacher Training. She loves icarian games for the emphasis on timing, understanding one’s body in the air, the invitation to work on clear, concise communication … and is pleased to share her experience and teachings with you!

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