Meet our team!

Paragym was founded in 2005 by ex-gymnast Drew Rivers Joffre with the objective of making gymnastics and acrobatics safe and accessible to adults, which even today may seem far-fetched as a possibility for most people.

Today we are a united team of positive, energetic and inspired individuals, each with their own specializations, teaching style and unique personalities.

Sekou Camara

Paragym ambassadors

Paragym ambassadors are generally independent professional movement/circus/acrobatics coaches with specialized training that use our space to operate their own business.

Sekou Camara

Our values

  1. We are a family. We got each other's backs.
  2. Honor system - We keep track of what we take and give in return. Our word is our contract. If we say it, we do our best to follow through and on-time (occasional exceptions apply ;-).
  3. Professionalism, reliability and punctuality.
  4. Voluntary attitude - we’re here to help!
  5. The client comes first.
  6. Humility. No egos. "More the knowledge lesser the ego… more the ego lesser the knowledge" - Albert Einstein.
  7. No recklessness.
  8. Collective consideration. We are all representatives of the larger organization, and consider everyone’s well-being in our individual decisions.
  9. Integrity, honesty, transparency.
  10. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. We own up to our faults... Forgive. Forget. Reset. We are all doing the best we can with the knowledge and understanding we have at the moment. - Louise Hay.
  11. Have a sense of humor.
  12. Be a professional and a friend.

Open gym

Our unique mixed acrobatic training space has everything you need for autonomous training! (Note, you should have a level 2.5 or higher if training autonomously and it is highly suggested to train in Squads. That is to say with training buddies, ideally of the same approximate level and physical size, so as to be most safe and effective in mutual spotting.)

Elements of our unique facility:
  • Fully padded spring-loaded floor base.
  • Double (10mx10mx10”) air floor trampoline.
  • 9 aerial anchor points and mixed equipment (trapeze, lyra, hammock, silk, rope, straps).
  • Floating calisthenics bars, mini parallel bars and pole.
  • Large selection of crash mats.
  • Unique wall climbing modules.
  • Modular foam Parkour tower/block set-ups.
  • “Flying” pole.
  • Green mezzanine cafe/workspace.
  • Surround sound and lighting.
  • Great vibes! 🙂

The pig, the Buddha and the monkey

Disclaimer: no pigs were harmed in the making of this allegory. Inside each of us (although some are perhaps farther along the path than others) there is some level of “the pig”, who is held captive to the pull of egoic constraints and material comforts, a need for social standing or compulsive aspirations to wealth, notoriety, recognition, sex, fame... It is not some individuals, it is in all of us. It is our shadow side.