The PARA Method involves in-depth, multi-level progressions with an interactive/“teamwork” and play/challenge oriented approach to facilitate the safe and effective learning of basic acrobatic skills, for “ordinary” “active” adults, that stimulates overall vitality, intentional focus and life satisfaction.

Conceived by Drew Rivers Joffre starting in 2005, 20 years of autonomous live experimentation and research into how to make gymnastics/acrobatics training most safe, accessible, relevant and effective for adults by incorporating therapeutic (osteopathic, muscle chain) understandings, mental/emotional and age considerations, energetics, spiritual/mindset/psychological drives and processes; and a general consideration of the individual from larger “health as vitality” and “optimization of human potential” perspectives.


We believe in quality over quantity and building a strong base in a progressive manner

In-depth progressions

- “compound” movements (like a back flip, an aerial cartwheel, a handstand…) are broken down into highly accessible component parts and then re-assembled. Making learning surprisingly effective (and fun). Our approach is “anti-reckless”…We believe in quality over quantity and building a strong base in a progressive manner.
Mindset matters

- It has been said that movement skill learning is at least 80% mental. Not only do we adapt the exercises to your level, we ensure your mind, heart and spirit are in the right frame to be safe and successful. We advocate a playful, focused, vitalized, grounded, confident and persevering attitude.
Multi-level moves

- Wherever possible different level movement options are proposed to clients; in this way, students of various levels are able to have a satisfactory and appropriately challenging experience within the context of the same course.
Interactive team spotting and conditioning

- We use teams and interactivity a lot; the reason being its more fun, safe and effective for learning complex movements. Often placed in teams of 3, you learn not only how to perform new movements but also how to assist and teach it. As you teach…so you learn.
Play oriented pedagogy

- The idea of “play” at an adult age may appear childish to some…For us it provides the most motivating, immersive and efficacious means of keeping people actively engaged and working within success. Keeping vitality high is essential for realizing new movements, that’s why stimulating laughs and good vibes are an integral part of our formula.
Intense bodyweight conditioning

- That’s right this is recreational acrobatic fitness that is intended to replace your boring gym routine and aimed at a broad active public. It is all about learning new movements and exploring movement possibilities….great shape is a happy side-effect.The approach and movements were designed with a “sporty” but “non-acrobatic” adult population in mind.
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The 5 Themes in every course

Fitness  - We know this is your fitness time in your week. That’s why we make sure you get a great whole body work-out every time! 

Sport - We teach movements not pointless gestures…There are technical, biomechanical aspects to every course, involving learning how to use your body to generate linear and angular momentum to create unique motor patterns. Where the ultimate goal is, for example, the independent performance of a unitary flip, a freestanding back flip for example, however our sport also involves team work, interactive spotting, game play, mindset mastery, imagery & fictious challenges… to name a few. This ain't your run-of-the-mill gymnastics. 

Experience - Completing a full rotation of one’s body in space is one of the most exhilarating sensations you’ll ever experience. We have an optic for ensuring the challenges we propose are physically challenging all while remaining experientially interesting. The motivation for training novel motor patterns is embedded in the unique experience of the movements themselves.

Mindset - The mental/spiritual side of movement success is as important if not more so than the purely physical component of learning new movements. We communicate the intangible lessons around optimizing one’s internal state.

Play -  Play is considered a “potentiating factor” at Paragym - Play drives motivation and dynamic energy. By placing participants in teams and working groups (training squads) we turn conditioning, drills and movement performance into game play; making learning fun and exciting!