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Come discover the safest way to sky dive without a parachute! 🙂 Paragym offers a unique movement experience... We teach recreational acrobatics to "average-but-active" adults (and kids and teens too!) as a fun, intense, skill-based alternative fitness routine for those looking for a new and exciting challenge!

  • Intense and playful body-weight training
  • Inspiring movement exploration & active flexibility
  • Accessible BEGINNER level acrobatics derived from Gymnastics, Parkour, Circus…

  • Progressions and multi-level moves for safety

Discover the PARA Method


Regular classes adults


For the beginner and athletic alike, this is the best starting point. This course will introduce you to the fundamental principles upon which more complex 'compound' movements (like a flip) can safely and effectively be built....


What our clients are
saying about us!

Image of Estela Garcia Zamora
Estela Garcia Zamora

38 yrs old

Very unique approach for fitness and acrobatics. They teach you from the basics all the way to the advanced movements and in a very friendly way. The installations are ideal for circus training since the ceiling is high and well rigged. The floor is soft, so it’s very nice to start training flips and handstands. I've seen people from different levels practicing.

Image of Vincent Rondeau
Vincent Rondeau

31 yrs old

Great gym if you want to explore many facets of acrobatics in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Having no basis in acrobatics, the coaches really helped me improve by explaining to me in detail what I had to work on. After almost two years of training, I can say that I surprised myself with the level I have reached in such a short time thanks to their advice. Highly recommended.

Image of Suzannah Baum
Suzannah Baum

Mom of 11yr old

My 11-year old son takes parkour lessons every week, and attended their summer camp too. He LOVES every second that he's at Paragym. The coaches are attentive, they keep the classes interesting (and safe), they're great with the kids. Super happy that we found this gym.

Image of Morgane Neto
Morgane Neto

25 yrs old

My favorite place so far in Montreal! Best place to train your body and mind ;) Coaches are fun, and help you go beyond what you think you can do at your own rhythm ! They have a lot of equipment there so that you can also practice on your own or with friends :)

Special Classes and Workshops

Workshop: Handtsand
Workshop: Handtsand

The handstand is a foundational position with broad benefits and applications in...


"Lifting balancing," also known as "Shared levitation partnering," is a style of...


Acroyoga JAM, hand-to-hand, slackline, and hand balancing Open practice by...

Workshop - Introduction to Hand-to-hand
Workshop - Introduction to Hand-to-hand

For lovers of balances and group acrobatics! We will explore two-person and group...

Paragym Movement Experience for Families, Teams and Tourists!
Paragym Movement Experience for Families, Teams and Tourists!

Just in town for a short time? Looking for a unique, thrilling experience to do with...

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