Aerial Hoop

Aerial hoop is one of the most prominent aerial disciplines and a staple in most circus shows. This class is aimed at providing a variety of movements, combinations, transitions and poses to students in accordance with their skill level. This class is excellent for the development of upper body strength as well as balance, proprioception and dynamic engagement. 

Will this work for me?

Aerial hoop is a great choice for anyone interested in the discipline. Skill level is not a factor when approaching this class and the coach will be happy to provide you with material that is feasible for your level. Those with a preexisting background can expect challenging tricks and a focus on combinations and transitions. 

Need to be able to do:

It is recommended but not mandatory that students wishing to participate in this class are able to get themselves up into the hoop and stay there confidently. That is to  say, you need a minimal level of upper body strength.

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If you have a minimal level of upper body strength - meaning you can climb and do at least 1 chin-up, you`ll be fine and can begin directly here if this is what interests you.