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Mirza Landry

Massage therapy is, for me, a method of reconnecting with oneself, which aims to direct the natural work of adaptation of the body towards a better psycho-corporal balance.

My therapeutic practice varies according to the different situations; Being much more technical, slow and communicative than that of the relaxation massage, it often aims to reduce the feeling of chronic or occasional discomfort limiting daily activities. I aim to bring a state of deep relaxation to the body.

Finally, my relaxation massage is also intended to be therapeutic but more fluid, going from fast to slow with strong and then less strong pressures early on. A mixture of sensations that aims to release tense muscles, stress and anxiety, and finally allow a moment for yourself.

Practice used: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage (oil-free), Fasciatherapy (oil-free).

It is important to me to take a moment to discuss your motivations with you in order to find a combination that will best meet your needs and thus make this moment a most pleasant moment for you and for me.

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Cynthia Jabre

Cynthia Jabre is a multi-talented individual who has completed a B.A. in Psychology. As she was finishing up her degree, she decided to apply for the massage therapy license. She quickly realized she was passionate about helping others in their healing journey and immediately began working in massage for several years. Driven by her passion to help others she has taken numerous advanced short courses and is certified in Lymphatic Drainage, Chinese Tui-Na, Shiatsu, Hot stone massage, Pregnancy Massage, and Sports Massage. Jabre strives to do her best to help clients improve their quality of life whether they are recovering from injury, burnout, stress, fatigue, muscle soreness, tendonitis or any other ailment. When Jabre isn’t working, she enjoys cooking, being active and learning more about health and well-being.

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