AcroAdo (teens 12-17years) teaches beginner Parkour and acrobatics. A well defined progression ensures safety and effective performance. We’re not about competition, we’re about supporting and encouraging one another to become the best we can be… although there are obstacle course races! ???? Games and interactive challenges are used to drive motivation, movement performance and overall enjoyment. An intermediate/advanced group for those that want to push their boundaries farther.

We teach technical moves such as jumps (precision, strides, plyo…) and obstacle vaults (kong, dash, speed, lazy, turn, flow-out…) as well as a selection of ground moves (cartwheels, oblique rolls, spins, flow-tricks, powermoves…) and several more complex acrobatics (Webster, wall backflip, palm spin, back flip from height).

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AcroAdo is centered principally around Parkour and acrobatics in a safe padded indoor environment under qualified coaches. If you’re afraid of your child performing dangerous skills outdoors without supervision, bring them to Paragym, we’ll teach him/her precise techniques to ensure safety and effective mechanics.

Need to be able to do:

Listen to the instructor’s teachings and follow their guidelines. Not perform reckless maneuvers with or without the coach. Make sure to have the coaches approval when attempting new movements.

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AcroAdos (12-17) 15 places sur 15 disposable Salle 2 Elton Nika BOOK
5:00 PM 5:55 PM
AcroAdos (12-17) 15 places sur 15 disposable Salle 2 Nadim Abou Abdallah BOOK
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AcroAdos (12-17) 13 places sur 15 disposable Salle 1+2 Jérémy Gagnon BOOK
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AcroAdos (12-17) 15 places sur 15 disposable Salle 2 Nadim Abou Abdallah BOOK

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Parkour if attempted in the form most often seen on YouTube portraying advanced level flips and high level jumps in outdoor, unsupervised situations, is very different than the Parkour and acrobatic “experience” we propose that involves a fully padded environment, spring and air supported floor under trained structured supervision with progressive movements. This makes the Parkour and acrobatics experience as safe as we possibly can. Nevertheless, accidents do occasionally happen as in any sport.
Every sport carries some level of risk and Parkour and acrobatics where people are inverting and moving in new and uncommon situations has a certain amount of inherent risk. But it is no greater than that experienced by kids playing in a playground and perhaps equivalent to a gymnastics training under qualified supervision.
Even when all precautions are taken participants should always remain vigilant and follow the teacher’s instruction. When injuries occur, and they are infrequent, it is largely due to inattention and reckless behavior despite instruction to the opposite.