Workshop: Handtsand

The handstand is a foundational position with broad benefits and applications in various disciplines like cartwheels and flips in acrobatics, hand to hand and acro yoga practice in circus arts, and many inverted patterns in dance and yoga.. This workshop will enhance your movement journey by teaching you precise joint positioning in space, building strength for body alignment and increasing mobility to make movement in general more accessible. The duration of the workshop is six weeks for optimal progression.

Will this work for me?

It’s as well for beginners then intermediates

Need to be able to do:

Not experience any pain currently nor have any grossly impairing movement limitations. Also to be able to do a hand stand assited with the wall for at least 20 seconds

Who are the coaches:


As a dedicated movement educator I’ve delved in Exercise and Sports Science, studied under the coaching of Ido Portal and continuously explore various disciplines with other mentors. Specializing in Movement Education, I offer expertise in locomotive patterns, flow, mobility, flexibility, strength, balance, handstands and soft acrobatics. Eager to share the joy of movement, I’m here to help you unlock your physical potential.

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