Acrobatics II

Acrobatics II works more directly in the full assisted compound movements; but we are still not at the stage of full movement autonomy, nor sequencing (Acrobatics III) for most. It is still quite accessible to the majority of relatively “fit” students with minimal acrobatic experience; and students are always encouraged to continue work at the progression step they are comfortable training. Expect greater physicality, faster progressions, lots of teamwork and fully assisted mutually spotted full rotations.

The word “acrobatics” usually scares people and appears completely inaccessible, but at Paragym we break down “compound” (multiple superimposed motor pattern) movements into multiple preparatory steps making the learning of an acrobatic movement surprisingly accessible!

The difference between acrobatics I and II is in the speed and detail of the progressions, the complexity of the motor patterns and the overall intensity of the course. This course will often cover 2 “compound” movements in the course of 1 hour depending on their complexity (as opposed to often just one compound movement in level 1) and so the progressions are faster and less in-depth requiring faster learning on the part of the student.

Will this work for me?

Don’t let the II scare you…One should be “fit” or “sporty” to safely enjoy this course, but this does not mean having a gymnastics background or any particular acrobatic experience. It is still very much for beginners. 

Need to be able to do:

Cartwheel, Roll, jump, invert, kick up and down safely from handstand

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