Mixed Aerials

Mixed Aerials is an experiential and exploratory class focused on giving students a wide range of general aerial techniques and a broad selection of apparatuses to try them on. This class will allow students to find which apparatus appeals most to them and then have the option of pursuing this apparatus in more depth and detail. 

Will this work for me?

Mixed Aerials can work for anyone who has an interest in aerials in general. Even if that interest is just to fly around the room with no intent for progression. On the other hand students looking to enter into some of Paragyms more specialized courses eg. Aerial Silks or Aerial hoop will be able to develop a foundation from which to start. 

Need to be able to do:

A bit of bravery is an asset and the ability to get onto the apparatuses (hoop, hammock, high trapeze) will make things easier.

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Aérien Mixte 12 places sur 12 disposable Salle 1 Maggie Chan BOOK

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Silks, hoop, trapeze, straps, hammock, various bungee versions of each.
Yes and no. If you arrive early enough i.e ~15 min before the start of the class and the apparatuses have not yet been installed you can ask the coach for a specific apparatus, they will generally try to accommodate your request. Furthermore if they are already installed you can choose which ones you want to work on and will not be forced to do any in which you have no interest.