Force & Flex

Imagine a playful, intense and highly effective whole body work-out that will beat the pants off of any weight machine out there! Cure boredom instantly: get moving around in space, explore physicality, and train to master your own body weight while supporting/lifting/resisting/displacing your weight and the weight of others! 

Think gymnastics-type conditioning and flexibility involving only your body weight, including “splits” flexibility, along with interactive, circus hand-to-hand type exercises. We do all body weight exercises, often in teams of 2, 3, 4 or more, using our own weight and the weight of others, moving and displacing ourselves in space. The result is a FUN and INTENSE workout that no fitness machine can match!

Will this work for me?

This is Paragym’s (unorthodox) version of a strength and conditioning course and compliments all the other movement courses. There’s a lot of interactivity, so get ready to work in small teams. 

Need to be able to do:

Be without pain or limitations in mobility (can squat, run, jump, crawl, climb…)

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6:00 PM 7:00 PM
Force & Flex 18 places sur 18 disposable Salle 2 Drew Joffre BOOK