Obstacles is Paragym’s version of Parkour. It includes sequencing of various floor based ground movements, such as, quadruped motor patterns, jump techniques, roll landings, a wide range of vaults over and around padded obstacles and various flips involving these obstacles and thick safety mats (with assistance).

A few examples: obstacle vaulting techniques include (Kong, Dash, Kash, Speed, Reverse, speed) as well as a selection of ‘step’ flips and wall moves (backflip from a height, wall backflip, step Webster (front flip with a kick) and side flip to name a few). As with all Paragym courses, well defined progressions ensure safety and quick learning. Obstacle course running also comes into play in this course (depending on the day), using a wide range of in-house padded equipment in a circuit. 

Will this work for me?

This course is quite physical and displacement/movement oriented. It involves a lot of jumping, and is somewhat of a “lower body dominant” course, so best not to have any knee issues, and expect a good leg workout.

Need to be able to do:

Have above a level 2 on the “JUMP” movement evaluation. You should be able to jump and land without pain. Enjoy physicality and dynamic movements.

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Parkour is typically done outdoors, in and around hard solid obstacles, involves displacement historically (less flips - "Freerunning"), and is less about "Play" more about overcoming mental barriers from a performance optic. Our "Obstacles" version takes place indoor in our padded, spring–loaded space (safe!), involves both displacement and "obstacle flips" into thick mats (fun!) and is about both, overcoming mental barriers/sport and Play/Fitness!
It's like watching a black belt break a few boards with a jumping spin kick and saying "isn't that hard, I could never do that". Well, no you probably couldn't…right away. But the black belt didn't arrive there instantaneously either. Over time, through consistent training, add to that, Paragym's safe and effective training techniques/methodology and complex (or "compound") "acrobatic" movements become highly accessible and safe.
Since Obstacles is more lower body dominant, an upper body dominant course could be a good option (e.g. "Equilibrium" or "Aerials") to balance out the training effect. Other suggested options are "Acrobatics" to focus more on the flip component. And "Foundations" to understand proper alignment and increase body awareness in slower, more detailed motion.