“Lifting balancing,” also known as “Shared levitation partnering,” is a style of contemporary dance with elements of contact improvisation based on the principles of action/reaction. In a playful spirit, it enhances understanding of movement functionality and anatomical, physical, and somatic aspects. This approach allows for the development of listening to one’s own rhythm and that of others, as well as the physical principles of partnering: Lifting (lifting weight), Assisted jumps, acrobatics, swings, rebounds, chain reactions: weight against weight, pressure-traction, flight, leading/following, rolling, friction, trust exercises, balance, cushioning, movement, and more.

Dive into the heart of humanity, swim in breath, and waltz to the rhythm of your partner, in this presence of compassionate listening.

Develop physical skills and biomechanical principles for a better understanding of one’s own body and that of others. Integrates the laws of physics and challenges the laws of gravity with two or more partners.

Will this work for me?

It’s as well for beginners then intermediates

Need to be able to do:

Not experience any pain currently nor have any grossly impairing movement limitations. Also to be able to do a hand stand assited with the wall for at least 20 seconds

Who are the coaches:


Coming from a martial arts background, Benjamin studied at Karaté Sport Action, earning his black belt in Karate Kempo in (2012). He won numerous first places in competitions and achieved his 2nd Dan black belt in (2016). Benjamin has taught artistic kata and self-defense for many years in various settings. A native of Quebec, he has studied various martial arts styles such as Japanese Jiu-Jitsu Budo Ryu, Saido Kung Fu, Tai Chi Qi Gong, as well as acrobatic martial arts like tricking and Capoeira.

Benjamin practices contemporary dance, partner dance, martial acro-dance, floor work, and Ido Portal movement. He also engages in circus arts such as hand-to-hand, gymnastics, juggling, aerial straps, pole dancing, fire arts, and physical and theatrical play.

He performs as a fire artist on stage with the “Golden Dragon” troupe as well as independently in numerous festivals, public events, and private events, where he showcases his creations such as “Flow méditatif” (2021-23) and “Eternal night” (2021-23). He dances for “La compagnie du grand amour” with the project “Space Funk”. His career continues through character embodiment in immersive theatrical horror universes such as “Carte Noire” (2021-22) and “Malefycia” (2023).


Coming from the world of Dance Arts since a young age, Constance is both a dancer, circus artist, and choreographer. She is a multidisciplinary artist who blends Dance and Theatre with her circus practices. She attended the Conservatoire de danse, musique et Théatre in France (6 years). Then she obtained a DEC in Jazz Dance (France) and a DEC in Contemporary Dance at EDCM (Montreal). She learned circus disciplines in a self-taught manner, in various circus social spaces, with several aerial coaches (La Caserne 18-30, Kalabanté, Académie de Cirque de Montréal, Milan Pôle Dance Studio).

She has been practicing aerial arts for 5 years. She is fascinated by the world of performing arts. She continues to perfect herself and specialize in Hoop, Aerial Rope, Pole Dance/Flying Pole. She enjoys contemporary dance and its blend with urban dance as well as circus practices.

The Clownesque universe interests her greatly for its creations and everything related to the sensitive aspect of human beings.

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