Aerial Silks

One of the most versatile and elegant of the aerial disciplines. The class offers a large selection of movements ranging in difficulty from easy, entry level moves and poses to advanced drops and tricks. The sky is the limit in this class and our competent coaches can always provide students with easier and more accessible or new and challenging goals depending on the needs and desires of the participants. Great for developing upper body strength, lower body flexibility and overall agility

Will this work for me?

Our Silks class is open to all and anyone can participate. However, for those with no background it is suggested that they participate in a couple of the aerial mixed classes and inform the instructor that they wish to progress into the silks class. 

Need to be able to do:

To get the most out of our silks class it is recommended although not mandatory that students come with knowledge of the basics of the discipline (climbing, descending, ability to invert). Some amount of preexisting upper body strength is also an asset.

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